The Really Good Candle Company - Home of Artisan Home Fragrance

Established in 2013, The Really Good Candle Company has worked hard to earn and maintain a reputation for producing high quality, artisan home fragrance products.

 Every item is carefully handcrafted using the finest ingredients sourced right here in the UK. We use our unique, in-house blend of soy and mineral waxes suffused with exquisite fragrance to bring you the consumer, the finest home fragrance experience possible.

Our home fragrance creations are made with care, rigorously tested and are fully compliant with all UK and EU safety and labelling legislation.

Welcome to our site, we hope you find what your looking for and if you don't, contact us here  and we'll see what we can do.

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We use the finest waxes and rigorously test every fragrance oil, wick and container combination to ensure they work well together.

The result is a product that gives a wonderful aroma that smells as good on the first use as it does on the last.

We hope you enjoy your purchase and if you have any questions please feel free to contact us here.