The Really Good Candle Company - Home of Artisan Home Fragrance

The Really Good Candle Company is a small family run craft business based in a village just outside Glasgow.

Tired of using mass produced candles that rarely did as they were meant, we decided to research candle making and try to make our own.

Our first misconception was that it would be easy, our second was that we would settle for making the odd candle now and again! Candle making quickly became an addiction and we spent inordinate amounts of time trying to create the "perfect" candle. We have now realised that the perfect candle does not exist since there is always some improvement, however minor, to be made.

Once happy that we could create a safe, quality product we started gifting them to friends and family. After a short while people asked if they could buy our candles, that is how we got started.

Thus started one of the steepest learning curves we have ever faced. We looked to friends and family to support us on our learning journey and they all in their own way, helped get us to where we are now. From helping with IT and e-commerce, to lifting and laying heavy boxes and setting up a dedicated work area in our home, they have worked to ensure we are a truly family run business. The results of many hours research, learning, making and testing can be seen on these pages.

Ours is a small business that works hard to produce a high quality product while maintaining a personal service for customers. Please feel free to contact us with any candle requests and we'll help if we can.

We use the finest waxes and rigorously test every fragrance oil, wick and container combination to ensure they work well together.

The result is a product that gives a wonderful aroma that smells as good on the first use as it does on the last.

We hope you enjoy your purchase and if you have any questions please feel free to contact us here.