Fragranced Wax Snap Pods

Fragranced Wax Snap Pods

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Instructions for use


Scented wax snaps are a great alternative to traditional candles. Pop a couple of segments in your wax burner and wait for the wax to release its fabulous fragrance.

One of the benefits of burning wax snaps is that there is no time requirement like candles have. 

Each pod will give many hours of pleasure but be aware that, because it isn't consumed by direct flame, the wax from a snap remains but the fragrance will weaken, unlike a candle that gives a consistent fragrance level throughout its burn.

Changing fragrance couldn't be simpler, just allow the wax to solidify then ease it out with the back of a spoon, wipe the bowl of the burner, pop some segments in and you're good to go.

Our wax snap pods are made from recycled plastics



    Approx 30g