Large Three Wick Bowls

Large Three Wick Bowls

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Our luxurious heavy, clear glass, three wick candle bowl wil suit any room or decor. It's perect for everday use and stylish enough for entertaining. Its large surface area  melt pool wil fragrance even the largest room and its three wicks give a beautiful ambient light.


    Burn time approx 80 hours


    • Place on a heat resistant surface.
    • To avoid an enlarged or smoking flame, keep the wick trimmed to 5mm.
    • Always burn until a full melt pool is achieved but never burn for more than 4 hour cycles.
    • Extinguish the candle when 5mm (1/4') of the wax remains.
    • Ensure the candle is kept away from any flammable materials, draughts or any sources of heat (e.g. fires, TV's, radiators).
    • Keep the wax free from any debris e.g. used matches/wick trimmings.
    • Do not move the candle while alight or while the wax is molten.
    • Keep out of reach of children and pets.