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Havana Sunset

Havana Sunset


The spicy and sophisticated notes in this fragrance transport you to the bustling streets of old Havana town. As the sun sets, the streets come alive with spicy notes of clove and rum adding warmth and intensity to the fragrance. The sophisticated base notes of leather and amber evoke the elegant and refined side of Havana, with its grand colonial architecture and luxurious cigar lounges. This fragrance is perfect for those who want to capture the spirit of Havana and add a touch of spice and sophistication to their everyday routine. 


  • Top Notes    Rum Grapefruit Bergamot Lime
  • Mid Notes    Clove Patchouli
  • Base Notes  Moss Leather Amber
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Our Room and Linen mists give a long-lasting burst of fragrance.  Please use with caution  do not spray near a naked flame.

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